Application Process



We Try to Make the Application Process as Easy – Yet Thorough – as Possible!

We invite you to visit us to see your potential new home, and give us an opportunity to meet you.  It is our policy to approve rental applications only after one of our on-site managers meets with you, and our specially trained Head Office professionals perform credit and reference checks.  It is part of the Destaron Difference to thoroughly screen all new applicants. We care who your neighbours are.

Forms, Documentation and the Application Process:

  1. Attend an On-site Visit

    • Please contact us so we can arrange to show you an available suite or answer any questions you might have about renting at our property.
  2. Submit an Application Form

    • You can complete an application form online or download a Printable Application Form.  You can also fill out the form in the building manager’s office after you visit the building.  You may complete the form at your leisure, but all forms must be signed in the presence of a building manager.
  3. Submit an Authorization Form and Provide a Landlord Reference

    • Download a Printable Authorization Form which we will use for a credit check.  Provide your current landlord with a Reference Request Form.
  4. Sign Documentation

    • You are required to sign the completed Application and Authorization form at our office in the presence of one our staff so that they can witness your signature.
  5. Present Additional Documentation Required

    • Two pieces of current photo identification (e.g., driver’s license, passport);
    • A letter from your employer on business letterhead indicating length of employment and income or other documents verifying income (e.g. cheque stub, latest T4);
    • A certified cheque or money order for last month’s rent, plus key rental. It must be made out for the current date and made payable to (Building specific name); and
    • Personal cheque for the first month’s rent dated for the day of move in.

If our property manager deems it necessary, you may be required to have a guarantor who will fill out an application and assume responsibility for the lease and all rental payments should the leaseholders default on their payments.

Please note that upon approval of your rental application you will be required to obtain tenant insurance and provide a copy to the building prior to receiving your keys.