Application Process



We Try to Make the Application Process as Easy – Yet Thorough – as Possible!

Once you decide you want to apply for a specific unit, our building manager will arrange a visit to meet with you and can discuss the paperwork required. It is our policy to approve rental applications only after one of our building managers meets with you, and our specially trained Head Office professionals perform credit and reference checks.  It is part of the Destaron Difference to thoroughly screen all new applicants. We care who your neighbours are.

Forms, Documentation and the Application Process:

  1. Submit an Application Form 
  2. Submit an Authorization Form for a Credit Check and Provide a Landlord Reference
    • Download a Printable Authorization Form which we will use for a credit check. Provide your current landlord with a Reference Request Form. Please note, if you wish to complete these forms prior to your meeting with the building manager, you may do so. However, at least one document must be signed in-person with the building manager who can verify government-issued, current photo ID.
  3. Additional Documentation – Proof of Income, Identification, Rent Deposit

As is standard when applying for an apartment anywhere in Ontario, we require proof of income, identification and first and last month’s rent.

    • Proof of Income: A letter from your employer on business letterhead indicating length of employment and income or other documents verifying income (e.g., three most recent pay stubs). For those who are self-employed, a current CRA assessment would suffice.
    • Identification: One piece of current government-issued photo ID (e.g., driver’s license, passport).
    • Deposit: A certified cheque or money order for last month’s rent, plus key rental. It must be made out for the current date and made payable to the building-specific name which will be provided to you. We also require payment for the first month’s rent (dated for the first day of the lease), which can be a personal cheque or a completed pre-authorized payment form with a voided cheque.

For more specific questions and answers related to the application process, please review the Prospective Resident FAQs