Experienced live in Resident Manager Couples and Superintendent Couples are critical to the positive experience of our residents.

If you are a team player, believe in customer service, are dedicated, dependable and career-oriented, we are looking for capable people.

Resident Manager Couple

We require resident manager couples (Building Managers) to be skilled in the following areas:


  • Computer knowledge
  • Extremely organized
  • Professional attitude and appearance
  • Marketing of available suites
  • Management of  rental application process
  • Preparation and oversight of the signing of lease agreements
  • Facilitation move-ins and move-outs
  • Point of contact for resident calls and requests, resolution of  issues and if necessary reporting of unresolved issues to your property manager
  • Distribution of all correspondence and  notices
  • Enforcement of rules, regulations and policies


  • Management and enforcement of  the collection of monthly rents
  • Monitoring and maintenance of  an assertive follow up action on all delinquent accounts
  • Serving of notices for non- payment of rent and rent increases


  • Management of regular maintenance procedures
  • Ability to perform regular maintenance
  • Monitoring of  all building mechanical and fire systems
  • Carrying out regular property inspections
  • Maintenance of inventory supplies
  • Ability to supervise
  • Co-ordination with  outside contractors
  • Emergency on-call duties

Please submit your resume, including references, for current available positions,  or for our waitlist, to

Superintendent Couple

If you possess the following skills and experience, this could be the position for you:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Assistance to Resident Managers as required
  • Cleaning of interior and exterior common areas
  • Preparation of apartments for new residents
  • Minor maintenance
  • Emergency on call duties

Please submit your resume for current available positions, or for our waitlist, to

Explore Our Properties!


Oakwood Terrace

Blake Terrace Apartments

Maplewood Place

I have been a happy resident of Maplewood Place for the past 20 years. The building is in an ideal location, close to all the malls, grocery store and all your needs are very close by which is great for me. The building is quiet and kept very clean. ~ H. C. ~ Maplewood place resident

Valley Ridge

I have been a Valley Ridge tenant for 6 years. This building is extremely quiet and Site staff is truly helpful. No intention to move any time soon! ~ C. H.

Wallace Pines

Our three years spent living at Wallace Pines has been an extremely pleasant experience. The apartments are bright, spacious and well maintained with friendly staff on site to take care of any problems. Overall, our time spent living at Wallace Pines has been a great experience and we would highly recommend it to anyone seeking a place to live.~ Wallace Pines resident

Hager Place Apartments

Pioneer Apartments

The Management at Pioneer Apartments is excellent. The units have been fully renovated with new kitchens. The building is conveniently located near schools, parks, library's and bus stops.~ Pioneer Apartments resident

Mayfair Apartments

I have been a happy resident of Mayfair Apartments for the past 15 years. The building is in an ideal location, close to all the malls, grocery store, and everything you need is very close by which is great for me. The building is quiet and kept very clean. ~ H. R.

Surrey Place Apartments

I have lived at 807 Frederick Street for 4 years. The location is really great and the building is clean and well maintained. I really hope to stay for many more years because, compared with other places I lived before, this is far much better. ~ J.G., resident

Maple Avenue Properties

I have been a tenant for 3 years and I am thrilled with the professional, friendly and respectful way Management handles thing. I find Management very approachable, comfortable and I feel safe under their care in and out of the building. ~ Maple Avenue resident

Valleyview & Valley Vista Apts.

I have been here since 2010 and I am very happy. I love my apartment.

Maurice Park Apartments

Moss Manor

This has been my home since 1998 and I would not want to be anywhere else. ~ L.R.

Arkledun Apartments

I can't tell you how pleased I am to "boast" about the place I live, the Arkledun Apartments. I have lived in many places in the City of Hamilton and none are friendlier than here. The Staff and Management truly care about their home. It is great to get into the elevator every day and whomever is on it says, "Good Morning", or "Have a Great Day" when you get off. It makes you feel like someone cares. Caring is what sums up the building. From the Management team to the one who cleans the fingerprints off the door, everyone has a sense of pride and want "our home" to be the best it can be. I am glad that I chose to live here. ~ T. P. ~ Arkledun Apartments resident

Green Valley Tower

Being residents of Green Valley Towers since 2006, my wife and I love it here. Thanks to Management, the building is very well maintained and kept clean and tidy. We know that Management put their best effort to rectify any problem as quickly as reasonably possible. This is our home and we are proud of it.~ P.G.~ Green Valley resident

Heather Forest Apartments

Thanks a lot for all the help you have provided. Both me and my wife really appreciate your help. We are looking forward to our new home with the wonderful team. ~ P. R., new resident in Heather Forest Apartments

Cavendish Apartments

I have lived at the Cavendish Apartments since 2000 and I enjoy living here. The tenants that live here are very friendly and kind. The building has great shopping near by and places for going for long walks. ~ A. S. ~ Cavendish resident

Blake Street Apartments

Thanks for being so great to rent from. I have always been impressed with your response time to any issues or questions we have had. I will miss you guys and will definitely call you if we ever move back to Barrie. I will definitely be recommending you to anyone looking for rentals in your area. ~ A. A., previous resident