The Destaron Difference



Destaron is a family-owned and operated business.  Destaron feels that residents should get pristine units when they move in that are well maintained by on-site management and maintenance teams with the most senior employees personally inspecting each rental suite every year.  The “Destaron Difference” may cost more at the outset but the strategy has proven itself, with most buildings having a large majority of tenants who have lived there for five years or more (or even 10+ years).

What the Destaron Difference Means:

  • Destaron takes a month after a resident vacates their unit to fully clean and restore and/or update the suite so when a new resident moves in, their suite is in pristine condition.  Unlike other apartment buildings where a vacating tenant might leave on a Friday and the new tenant moves in that weekend, Destaron will forego renting out the empty suite for a month so that it can be fully updated.  That includes painting the suites, refinishing wood floors and / or installing luxury vinyl plank flooring, and professionally cleaning or replacing carpets. It also may include installing ceramic floor tiles, updating kitchen and bathroom cabinets and/or counters, replacing tubs and tub surrounds, changing light fixtures, replacing kitchen appliances, or faucets.  The on-site manager signs off that the apartment is in move-in condition and then each suite has a final inspection carried out by a team of two Destaron Head Office professionals.
  • Maintenance issues reported by residents are addressed quickly by the on-site maintenance teams at each Destaron building.  We know some companies will provide a formal guarantee that maintenance issues are addressed within 72 or so hours.  However, we at Destaron have never had to provide such a guarantee since typically simple repairs are resolved within only one business day thanks to our on-site skilled maintenance staff.  More extensive repairs requiring outside professionals are also addressed very quickly due to our careful selection of professional contractors who place the same emphasis on customer service as Destaron does.  Residents often cite resolution of maintenance issues as one of the top reasons they remain in their homes for as long as they do.
  • Destaron runs extensive reference checks on each applicant since we care about your neighbours.  Passing a credit check is not the only approval factor – unlike other companies which will routinely do online application processing with just a credit check. The on-site building manager, or assistant manager, will meet each applicant before an application can even be submitted.  Along with this in-person meeting, a specially trained professional at Destaron Head Office will run a credit report, call each applicant’s employer, current and previous landlords for reference checks.
  • Upon move-in, each new resident will sign a move-in inspection report  which includes a checklist of nearly 30 items to confirm that their suite is in perfect condition and also that child safety window locks and smoke detectors are operational.  We want to ensure that residents are 100% pleased with the cleanliness and quality of their new home.
  • Safety and security are paramount and no corners are cut.  Annual fire inspections are carried out by certified contractors, fire drills are conducted monthly, and the on-site teams will use that time to check on residents’ smoke detectors and door closures as an additional check.   Our building managers keep an up-to-date list of any resident who may require assistance should the need arise, which in turn makes our residents feel safe.  Destaron also works closely with local fire departments to ensure that its buildings are the safest they can be for its residents.  All Destaron elevators are inspected monthly by certified elevator contractors and most elevators have been upgraded or replaced within the last ten years.
  • Destaron has also committed itself to updating its buildings to maximize their energy efficiencies.  For more details, see  the energy efficient section.
  • Each building has a dedicated cleaner who works diligently to ensure the common areas, including lobbies, elevators, laundry rooms, and hallways of your home, are maintained to the highest standard.

For these reasons and more, Destaron invites those seeking their next home to join over 3,000 people who have already discovered the “Destaron Difference.”