Keeping our Buildings “Green”



Reducing Waste is an Ongoing Concern

Destaron is committed to being as energy efficient as possible, seeking out the latest advancements in green building design and operation.

We have successfully executed many green initiatives throughout the Destaron portfolio. Not only do we feel that we are doing the right thing for the environment, but we realize it is also smart business.  We know we are increasing resident loyalty, providing a healthier living and working environment.

All sites are equipped with organic and recycling bins.

Destaron takes the initiative when it comes to the buildings heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Having had the same professional HVAC company for over twenty (20) years, ensures that we have a loyal contractor which knows our buildings and makes sure that we have the most up-to-date, energy-efficient systems in our buildings.

Destaron implemented upgraded filtration to improve the fresh air and indoor air quality to exceed the industry standards.

We have begun installing motion activated sensors on light fixtures and replacing hallway lights with more expensive, yet more energy-efficient, fixtures. 

Elevator and exterior lights have also been upgraded to LEDs which utilize much less energy and provides better lighting.

All roofs are inspected yearly and if a new roof is required, we ensure that it is with the latest insulation technology to reduce energy required for heating and cooling.

Energy efficient water softeners have been installed in cities where the city water supplied to our buildings is considered hard water.

Most of the underground garage ramps have been replaced with snow sensors that turn on only when required to reduce the amount of electricity used to keep the ramps snow free.

Even our website and online processing help us to be more energy efficient as many of our paper-based information and leasing materials are now available online reducing our paper requirements.

Destaron’s energy-saving initiatives in the individual suites not only reduce our carbon footprint, but lower residents’ energy costs:

  • Many of our suites now have double pane windows and new balcony doors for better insulation, thereby lowering heating and air conditioning costs.
  • We continue to replace refrigerators with new ultra-energy efficient units.  Refrigerators are one of the highest energy consuming appliances in a residence, so the new appliances have a significant energy, and therefore cost impact.
  • Older lighting fixtures have been replaced with energy saving lighting with the new energy star rating1which use less energy than standard fixtures.
  • Destaron’s water systems have been upgraded with low flow water saver shower heads (which still provide a strong spray) and low flow toilets

At Destaron, we believe that it is the right thing to help preserve our precious natural resources.   We are committed to providing a quality living experience for our residents while upgrading our buildings to ensure an eco-friendly environment which also results in ongoing cost reductions for our residents.

1 The energy star label is only given to products that provide significant energy savings over standard products. On average, energy star appliances use 20-30 per cent less energy than the standard products. Lighting fixtures with the energy star logo, usually fluorescent lights, use 75 per cent less electricity than standard bulbs and can last up to ten times longer.