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Apply for your next great address with Destaron Properties!

You can fill out the application form online or print it and take it with you to an apartment showing to speed up the approval process.

It is Destaron policy to approve rental applications only after one of the on-site managers meets with prospective tenants, and our specially trained Head office professionals perform credit and reference checks.  It is part of the Destaron Difference – making sure that each of our residents is screened carefully.  If you prefer to submit the application form electronically, you may.  However, you will still need to schedule a meeting with the site manager to complete the application process.

Please note application form will take about 15 minutes to fill out and your entries will not be saved until completion. You may want to make sure you have the following information handy: bank account number, name and address of 2 personal references and 1 credit reference, and driver’s license number.

After completing the application form, you will be required to visit the Manager’s Office at the building to which you are applying to complete and sign some additional paperwork. If you prefer to fill out the form and scan it back to us, or bring it with you instead, the printable form of the rental application can be found at: printable rental application form.

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