Frequently Asked Questions – Prospective Residents



Before Renting an Apartment

What must I do to be approved to rent a suite at a Destaron building?

It is a Destaron policy to not only meet prospective residents, but also to call previous landlords and employers – in addition to a standard credit check.  Employment and salary will be confirmed by letter, your employer, T4 or current pay stub.  The current residents appreciate the effort that goes into selecting new residents to the building to be their neighbours.  For more information about the application process, please refer to the “Application Process Overview“.

Why is there a conduct agreement?

Destaron asks each new resident to sign a Code of Conduct Agreement  to ensure that residents are respectful of their neighbours, the property and follow the rules of their lease.

What condition will my apartment be on move-in day?

What if the prior residents did not clean up?  While many landlords will allow tenants to move in on the day after the prior resident moves out, at Destaron, we take the time required to ensure that each suite is updated and cleaned to impeccable standards before a new resident moves in.  New residents should find their suites to be freshly painted and fully cleaned – all that should be left is to unpack.  Read more in “Discover the Destaron Difference” .  At Destaron, we are proud of the condition of the suites when new residents move in and ensure that the suites are up to our residents’ standards by asking them to walk through the suite with a Destaron Employee and to complete a move-in inspection prior to taking possession of the suite.  This way, in the unlikely event that there are any issues, they can be addressed.

Who will be responsible for maintenance or repairs for my suite?

Destaron has full time maintenance staff for each building to quickly respond to any issues you might experience.  Destaron knows that quickly addressing residents’ maintenance issues is critical and we strive to respond to issues within 24 hours – with emergency staff on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our focus on quick resolution of maintenance issues is highly valued by residents and a big factor in our positive resident survey ratings.

For any maintenance issue, please fill out our maintenance request form in which you  provide details of the problem you are experiencing and  authorize a maintenance staff member to enter your suite if you are not home.  The form can be obtained from your building manager by visiting the office during regular business hours or, as a convenience to our residents, you can fill out our online maintenance request form  which can be submitted electronically and initially processed during business hours.

Are residents allowed pets?

While Destaron does allow residents to have a pet, we want to ensure that a resident’s pet does not disturb their neighbours and so Destaron ensures every lease holder signs a pet owner policy.  Certain restrictions may apply.

Do roommates have to sign the lease?

Yes. Each lease holder of the suite must be named on the lease as well as a list of all occupants. Even after the lease has been signed, if a leaseholder decides to bring in a new roommate, the new roommate must be approved by Destaron and provide the required information.

What upfront fees must I pay before move in?

You must submit a money order or certified cheque for the last month’s rent and key rental, as well as  a post-dated cheque for first month’s rent and key rental.  For those requesting parking and / or a storage locker, those fees will be added to the first and last month payments.

Do I require tenant insurance?

Yes.  It is the law.  You would be risking a huge financial loss in the event of an accident – even if it is not your fault. It is not just to protect possessions – but also against liability for damages to the building and neighbour’s property.  If there is a fire or flood in your suite, you would not only have to replace all your belongings, but may also have to pay for a new place to stay, time off work, moving expenses, etc.  Tenant insurance can often be purchased for less than a dollar a day. Please ask your building manager if the insurance company requires specific information such as distance to fire hydrants or stations.  Destaron buildings are equipped with safety and security in mind.

What if my roommate has tenant insurance – do I need my own policy?

If you accidentally caused a fire or flood, it would not be covered by your roommates’ policy.  As well, an individual’s policy will only cover their possessions – not their roommate’s.  Most insurance companies will provide joint policies.

Move In

How should I prepare for move in day?

To ensure the day’s hectic schedule runs smoothly, we suggest you schedule the elevator at least 2 weeks in advance as the elevators can only be reserved for two hour slots. Once you get to the building, please give the building manager a copy of the tenant insurance certificate, if you have not already done so, as well as the signed lease – both of which are required to get the keys to your suite. We recommend leaving a forwarding address at your prior residence to avoid mail interruptions.

What if my move-in day is running behind?

Normally there is a 2 hour window for the elevator, especially on a busy move in day. Please let our staff know if you are running late so that they can do their best to try to accommodate you and do what they can to ensure a smooth move in.

Can I paint my suite?

Destaron paints every suite prior to new residents moving in. If you would like to paint your suite after you move in, you must provide the building manager with your colour and paint sample for authorization. Please be aware that prior to moving out, it becomes your responsibility to prime all walls that you have painted.

Are there rules about hanging things on the walls?

While we understand you want to decorate your new home, please use only small nails and hooks.  No large screws, nails or stickers are allowed.

How can I learn more about the surrounding area?

We encourage you to speak with your building manager upon move in to help get oriented to the neighbourhood.  They know the area amenities well and are happy to help inform new residents of nearby retail and service establishments. Most buildings are serviced by neighbourhood welcome wagons and if so, the building managers can provide you with their contact information.  You can also refer to the building’s area information and maps on the Destaron website.