Residents Inspection – Please print, fill out and fax into…….  – When residents wish to vacate their suites, a letter such as this must be sent to your building manager.  For your convenience, you may print and complete this form.

Move-in/Move-out Inspection Report:

Move-in and Move-out inspection reports are completed to ensure that your suite is in perfect condition when you move in and also ensures that, when a resident vacates, the suite is left in the same condition it was received.

Maintenance Request Form:

A “Maintenance Request Form” is to be completed when a resident requires a repair in their suite (plumbing, electrical, etc.).  The signing of this form authorizes a staff member and/or contractor to enter your unit to complete the repairs.  Once the form is completed and signed by the resident, it is to be emailed or brought to the Site Office.

Rental Application Form:

Once you have chosen a suite, the next step in obtaining the suite is to complete a rental application.  The application can be viewed, printed and brought to the Site Office of the building in which you are applying where the on-site staff will be pleased to assist you in the completion of the form.  This form must be signed in person and witnessed by the on-site staff before it can be submitted for approval.

Conduct Agreement:

The “Conduct Agreement” is an addendum to a Lease Agreement and explains the responsibilities of the residents and their guests.  This Agreement is to be read and signed at the time of signing your lease.

Fire and Safety Letter of Acknowledgement:

This form is to ensure that all fire and safety devices are in place and in working order.  This form is to be completed with the Site Manager and the new resident while completing their move-in inspection and prior to taking occupancy of the suite.

Authorization/Consent Form:

The “Authorization/Consent Form” gives Destaron Property Management authorization to perform a credit check and to contact previous and/or current landlords and employers.  A rental application cannot be processed unless this form has been signed by the prospective resident.

Pet Owner Policy:

The “Pet Owner Policy” is an addendum to a Lease Agreement and explains the responsibilities of the resident with respect to their pets.

Notice to Vacate (N9):

For the convenience of our residents, we have posted the legal form (from the Landlord and Tenant Board) that our residents may submit when wanting to vacate their suite.  This form must be submitted to the Site Office 60 days prior to termination of your lease.  After the expiration of your lease, you become a month-to-month tenant and the notice must be submitted 60 days prior to vacating.

Notice to Enter:

If a situation arises where we must enter your suite, you will be provided with a written 24 hour notice prior to entry.  This notice is legal under the Residential Tenancies Act.

Residential Lease Agreement:

When a rental application is approved, a copy of a Residential Lease Agreement will be provided to the applicant for signature.  All leaseholders must sign the lease agreement.

Air Conditioner Terms and Conditions:

Where hydro is included in your rental payments, Destaron Property Management will permit a resident to install an air conditioner in their suite upon completion of the “Air Conditioner Terms and Conditions” form and payment of the seasonal fee.  The signed form and fee are to be brought to the Site Office prior to installing your air conditioner.