Frequently Asked Questions – Vacating Residents



How far in advance must I notify Destaron when I want to move out?

In Ontario, it is law that written notice of termination must be given 60 days prior (2 calendar months) from the first day of the month prior to the end of your tenancy. For further clarification please refer to your lease or speak with your building manager. Please note that in addition to the 60 days’ notice, residents in their first rental year are liable until their one year anniversary.

If I am moving to another city, is there a benefit of checking out if Destaron has any apartment buildings in that city?

Absolutely.  Destaron encourages residents to check the Destaron website or speak with the building manager.  If you move to another Destaron location, we will ensure your move will be as stress free as possible by processing your application quickly and providing a smooth transition between our buildings. You will also have the peace of mind of knowing that the level of care provided by Destaron will be continued at your new home.

What if I need to move in my first year of tenancy before my annual lease is expired?

You should speak with the building manager who will explain your options to you.  Legally, you are liable until the end of your lease.

What if I give notice to vacate and then decide I want to stay?

You must provide written notice of your request to the building manager’s office. Once the notice has been received it will be forwarded to Destaron’s head office to try to accommodate you.

What happens during the 60 day period after I notify Destaron of my intent to move?

Upon receipt of the written notice, you will get a thank you letter for being part of the Destaron community and information on your responsibilities prior to move out.  The letter will outline the process for the suite inspection and showing the suite to prospective residents.

Describe the inspection process.

When a resident notifies the building manager of their intention to move, they will be given an appointment for an inspection at a time that should be mutually agreeable.  Then a pre-move out inspection is conducted with a Destaron staff member and instructions are given for your preparations to move. Please speak with your building manager to discuss how this process has been modified to respect COVID protocols.

What if I do not have the time to do a move-out inspection with my building manager?

Residents are liable for any damage to the suite; and so we prefer you be there to understand any potential issues.

Do I get a copy of my inspection?

Yes – you will get a copy of the inspection report.  Click here for an example of a blank inspection report.

How do I get back my last month’s rent?

The last month’s rent that you paid in advance when you moved in will be used to pay your last month’s rent.  Typically residents have found that with moving expenses piling up, it is a welcome relief to not have to pay any additional amount for rent in their month prior to the move out. All refunds owing to you when you vacate can be forwarded to your new address.

To what extent do I need to clean my suite / repaint / cover the holes in the walls?

Each suite should be left in the same condition in which it was received. This is covered in your move out letter, as well as when we carry out your pre-move out inspection.

What do I need to do as I get closer to move out day?
  • Schedule the elevator 2 weeks in advance as the elevators can only be reserved for two hour slots.
  • Leave a forwarding address with Destaron should we need to reach you.
  • Destaron will send any mail that arrives for you after move out back to Canada Post, so we suggest that you notify Canada Post and Government offices of your address changes.
  • Do the final cleaning, take out the garbage and, if applicable, clean out your locker.
  • Do a final move-out inspection with a Destaron staff member.

Please speak with your building manager to discuss how this process has been modified to respect COVID protocols.